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SAP's BI is a very pervasively employed data warehouse / analytical enterprise software solution, often utilized heavily by companies that essentially run their business on SAP operational systems such as SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP).SAP's BI solution contains a large number of predefined extractors, a very significant amount of pre-defined business content in the form of Info Cubes, master data (i.e. objects representing the entity for Customer or Material), authorization roles, query views and reports all delivered in the software by SAP.

Some of the significant benefits of this approach include the ability to leverage SAP's substantial business knowledge from many years of developing extremely sophisticated software systems for the world's largest companies typically shortening project development cycles in the process.

The pre-defined business content can be modified to meet an organization's specific requirements, while at the same time taking advantage of general aspects of these delivered data models and reports that are somewhat foundational and have broad application in business, government, and education.

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